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Families training and achieving together
Helping you to insure your families safety
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Great for ages 5 years and up  
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Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia is a husband and wife run Taekwondo organisation bringing self-defence and peace of mind to you and your family. We teach a traditional Taekwondo (“original Taekwondo” “Chan-Hon Taekwon-do”) style of martial art taking pride in living by the traditional tenets of Taekwondo.

As an original style Taekwondo we teach all the original Patterns (Forms, Hyung’s). We do not extract patterns from our syllabus. As a traditional original style Taekwondo our time is dedicated to instruct students in all aspects of Taekwondo suitable to their rank. As a traditional martial arts school we do not take part or hold tournaments or competitions.  We believe this distracts the students attention away from important training required to progress in their rank.

Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia students are required to sit for grading/promotion at their level. Grading’s are held 3 times a year. Each student is required to meet each of the grading requirements set out by YGTA governing body. Unlike some organisations we require that the students keep practicing past Pattern’s (forms, Hyung’s). Once students reach senior ranks they are required to be tested on past patterns. This keeps each and every student accountable for remembering what they have learnt over past months/years.

This will prepare all our Yong -gi Taekwondo Australia Black Belts to become the BEST BLACK BELT/INSTRUCTOR they can be.

Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia was founded by a husband and wife team. Our philosophy is to teach you and your family a Traditional Taekwondo style (“original Taekwondo” “Chan-Hon Taekwon-do”) in a fun family friendly environment. Our instructing style will bring confidence and assurance that you will be able to progress in the art no matter what level of fitness or experience our students begin with; you can be assured that you will be getting the best instruction possible.

As a tight knit taekwondo family community we are able to ensure we do get to know and instruct every one of our students.  

Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia are pleased you have read this far!

The following statement is thought provoking and very true!

Martial Arts should be thought of as an insurance policy in SELF-DEFENCE AND SELF-PROTECTION

Most people will insure their cars, health, property, and possessions, but we generally do not give the same thought to ourselves in the same way in regards to awareness of personal safety.  Mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, daughters and sons all going about daily life we never know when our safety could be put at risk.

Courage, Respect, Integrity, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit.

We nurture and teach our students to have Courage when attempting something new, show Respect to their instructors and fellow students, practice the art with Integrity have Perseverance to keep going with training which strengthens the Indomitable Spirit.

Taking part in regular exercise has many benefits improving cardiovascular health, improve fitness levels, body toning, increase confidence, coordination and flexibility and improved sleeping patterns. Learning new skills improves the memory keeping it sharp and focused and is known to alleviate stress levels. There are many benefits and reasons why taking up a martial art is beneficial to your life, being street wise and learning how to defend yourself against an attacker or bully  is something that everyone should know how to do safely and effectively. 

Benefits of learning Taekwondo
  • GREAT FOR ANYONE age 5 years+


At Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia we ensure that you and your family get the best possible experience from your classes. Ensuring a safe and effective warm up followed by stretching routines carried out under the guidance of Master Instructor Trevor Sayers 5th Dan Black Belt who is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer.

The benefits of Taekwondo for children

Though there are different styles of Taekwondo we at Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia teach Traditional Taekwondo and in such that we are based around self-defence and not as a sport. These days so many children are on electronic equipment and not out doing what children should be. Yes some children do team sports but when you think about it sometimes in life you have to be able to jump in and have the ability to do things yourself. Taekwondo will help children develop self-confidence, Discipline, Respect, Concentration, Strength, Balance and Flexibility.

Self-confidence comes from having to learn techniques required to perform particular moves. Such as stances, Strikes, kicks, Punches, Blocks. All these techniques come together when a student learns their patterns.

Discipline and Respect comes from students learning to follow instructions given to them by their instructors. Respect comes through the student needing to show respect to their fellow student, their instructors while training. Respect starts at the doors of the Dojang as all students and instructors no matter their rank are expected to Bow as they enter and leave the Dojang as a sign of respect for having somewhere to train.

Concentration comes also from learning and growing in self-confidence as concentration is needed in everything we as martial artists do.

Strength, Balance and Flexibility comes from our training. As we train we not only train our mind we also train our body to be strong, balanced and Flexible.

A body that is Strong, Balanced, and Flexible combined with a mind that has the Self-confidence, Discipline, Respect and Concentration CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING THEY SET OUT TO DO.


Master Instructor

Trevor Sayers

Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia


Master Instructor and Founder
5th Dan Black Belt Instructor

Master Instructor Trevor Sayers

Master Examiner & founder

Master Instructor Trevor’s love of martial arts stems from his childhood growing up watching all the great martial artists on television and films, starting back in England back in the 70’s with a short period in Judo. 

In the early 90’s in Australia Master Instructor Trevor began classes in Kickboxing and Mauy Thai; then ventured out to find the martial art that was to become his passion; Traditional Taekwondo otherwise known as “original Taekwondo” “Chan-Hon Taekwon-do”

As a dedicated student of Traditional Taekwondo "Chan-Hon Taekwon-do" Trevor worked hard training up to 4-5 nights a week throughout his colour belt ranks, he trained in the logan region, often travelling to the Gold Coast for extra training.His constant dedication passion and noted natural ability for the art saw him rise up the ranks to 1st Dan Black Belt in March 2011 and promoted to Branch Instructor in Logan.

In 2013 Master Instructor Trevor was promoted to 2nd Dan Black Belt & 3rd Dan Black Belt in 2015 with promotion to Regional Instructor.

He has became with many years of training in the art pivotal in  martial arts and self defence instructing of students in the Logan and South Brisbane region.  He enjoys passing on his wealth of experience and knowledge in martial arts and self defence techniques building confidence and resilience, ensuring many students see the Taekwondo journey through the ranks of White Belt to Black Belt and beyond.

Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Students can be assured they will be receiving the best instruction ensuring they become the best martial artists they can be!.

Master Instructor Trevor is proud of each and every one of his students and believes that all his students are part of one big ever growing Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia family.

In 2018  Master Instructor Trevor and Instructor Jacqueline founded together Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia opening up Dojangs in Loganholme and Carbrook and in 2019/2020  Mount Warren Park and Cornubia; a combination of a yin and yang base of knowledge, expertise, experience and instructing styles bring an undeniable positive force feeding into a complimentary and dynamic instructing duo!

in 2016 Master Instructor Trevor was awarded his Certificate 3 & 4 with the Academy of Fitness; You can guarantee that warm-ups will be fun, varied and expertly carried out to ensure yours and your families’ safety.

MasterInstructor Trevor is also qualified as a Personal Trainer, has first aid training CPR qualifications and is a holder of a blue card and instructors licence.

Regional Instructor and Co-Founder
2nd Dan Black Belt Instructor

Regional Instructor Jacqueline Sayers

Regional instructor & Co-founder 

Regional Instructor Jacqueline`s interest in martial arts began in July 2015.

Starting at the rank of White Belt  Regional Instructor Jacqueline`s Taekwondo Journey began with in May 2016 training alongside other students under the instruction of Master Instructor Trevor in the Logan region training  3-5 nights a week to achieve promotions through  her coloured belts achieving  promotion to 1st Dan black belt in December 2017.

In 2018 Master Instructor Trevor and Regional Instructor Jacqueline together founded Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Opening up Dojangs in Carbrook, Loganholme and later in 2019/2020  Cornubia and Mount Warren Park. 

The combination of a yin and yang base of knowledge, expertise, experience and instructing styles, bring an undeniable positive force feeding into a complimentary and dynamic instructing duo.

 Instructor Jacqueline sat her 2nd Dan Grading December 2019  and was promoted to 2nd Dan Black Belt Regional Instructor at Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia she is dedicated to her own training and in the development of her own techniques and instructing style and believes you never stop learning!

By checking out our student and family Facebook reviews at  Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia  you can see the testament to our Regional Instructor Jacqueline's Instructing style.

Instructor Jacqueline is holder of a blue card and instructors license.

Your journey to black belt

Starting your martial art journey at Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia will be a life changing moment for you and your family. As the journey through the art, from white belt to black belt begins you become ready and eager to learn more. Each new rank promotion will bring with it a new and exciting challenge, with each new rank you are required to learn a new Pattern (Hyung). Once you reach 6th Kup Green belt you will be required to learn a new pattern (Hyung) plus at your grading you will be required to demonstrate a lower pattern (Hyung), this will continue until you reach 2nd Kup Red Belt where by you will need to demonstrate your knowledge in your new Pattern (Hyung) plus two lower Patterns (Hyung’s). 

Journey beyond black belt

We encourage our students every step of the way in their Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia journey.  We instill in our students that by reaching black belt rank this does not mean that the journey has ended rather that it has only just begun. Reaching the rank black belt is just the start of a journey that can last a lifetime and with it brings a lifetime of memories, achievements, and goals that all students should all be proud of. Instructors at Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia will encourage students to reach higher levels and confidence within the art.

At Yong-gi taekwondo Australia our Black Belt ranks have an age requirement that we follow without exception which are as follows:


Junior Black Belt: - ages 10 yrs-14 yrs (Black Belt with white stripe that runs the length of the belt)


Yudanja Black Belt: - ages 14 yrs-17 yrs (Complete Black Belt)


1st Dan Black Belt: - ages 17 yrs plus (Embroidered Black Belt with Dan Rank)


What does Yong-gi mean?

Yong-gi is translated from Korean as meaning "Courage" this tenet we believe is the start of any journey through life it is a predecessor to change which creates strength of character.


Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the ability to achieve one’s goals despite fear.

Real courage, from a martial arts point of view, should be in terms of the willingness to defend justice and truth, regardless of danger, personal interest or cost. The stand tall in the face of corruption and speak out when wrong is evident, and take proactive steps to rectify the situation, be it at club level, within an organisation, within your community or within a nation.

The preparedness to sacrifice is the underlying quality of a true martial artist. No great human achievement can ever be conquered without some personal sacrifice.

We would love you to join us in this courageous and wonderful journey !

Training with Yong-gi Taekwondo

If your currently training or have trained with another Taekwondo organisation ITF or traditional style and wanting to change contact us to find out about transferring belt levels for prior learning recognition.

Our Governing Body

YGTA is the governing body of Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia

Our Instructors are required to undertake a licensing assessment which is assessed as part of  our Instructor qualifications. Every Instructor from the top to the bottom is required to resit as mandatory their Instructor license assessment every two years or sooner if required. This will allow for up to date policies and requirements to be communicated within the organisation.

All of our instructors are licenced under the elected Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Governing Body committee and are assessed and officially promoted according to the YGTA official syllabus.

Our Instructors are hardworking and dedicated and strive to provide the best training experience possible for all our students. Many hours are spent outside of the Dojang training to perfect techniques, to be able to become the best martial artists we can be, this is to ensure we pass on the best knowledge possible to you and your family.

Sign up Inclusions                                                          
  • 3 Gradings a year 
  • 1 hr free lesson per student                                                                                             
  • Free colour grading's                                                  
  • Free sign up/Membership fee
  • Train at all Dojangs for 1 low monthly fee                                                     
  • Free uniform  ( 1 per student after first grading)                                                     
Gradings 2020                                                                
  • Saturday 2nd May 2020 Mt Warren Park                                                       
  • Saturday 15th August 2020 St Matthews Catholic primary school                                                
  • Saturday 5th December 2020 St Matthews Catholic primary school                                              

Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Classes 2020: 

* COVID19 safe training requirements 

St Matthews Primary School 

172-180 Bryants Road, Cornubia.

Wednesday 6pm - 7pm 

Saturday Super class 9am-11am 

*Reopening Tuesday 1st September 2020

Mount Warren Park School

125 Mount Warren Boulevard, Mount Warren Park 

Tuesday 6pm - 7pm

Thursday 6pm -7pm

If you have studied traditional or ITF taekwondo before but haven't trained for awhile and would like to commence training again contact us to see if we will recognize your previous rank. 

Courage Respect Integrity Perseverance Indomitable Spirit

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